Friday, March 18, 2022

Rose Garden Review

The Rose Garden has been a favorite since it was first released in 2020. The antique is quite large at 18" wide by 13" high. It is stitched on about a 10 count Aida. It was stitched in the late 1800's as this is when Aida cloth was first available.
The reproduction is stitched on 36 count Winter Brew linen from R and R Reproductions. Stitched one over two with NPI Silk threads.  There is a DMC thread conversion also. The model is 10.72" by 8". On 40 count it would by 9.65" by 7.2". Of course if you visit Attic Needlework you can see a piece they have on display that is stitched on 56 count. It is beautifully tiny.
My favorite part of the design is the rosebud border. It was very fun to stitch. In the chart I have included the large center motif on a page by its self. So you have the full chart on four pages plus the additional page with the center. The center motif is harder to stitch if you have to keep changing pages.
I also designed a small needlebook from the Rose Garden motifs.
I added a sampler alphabet for the back cover of the needlebook.

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