Monday, April 18, 2022

New Releases for April 2022

 It's time to introduce three new samplers. These have all shipped and should be arriving at your shops very soon. 

Token of Love

The stitch count is 133 wide by 182 high.  It is an original sampler that I stitched to commemorate our upcoming anniversary. There is a place for initials and a date. The little hearts scattered around the piece could be the number of children you have or replaced with initials. Here are the design sizes on different fabrics.

   28 count 9.5” by 13”            32 count 8.3” by 11.37”

36 count 4.38” by 10.1”                    40 count 6.65” by 9.1”

I stitched the model on 40 count Newport Beach linen from Needle & Flax. It is stitched one over two. It is stitched in Gloriana Silks, and there are also Weeks Dye Works and DMC conversions. I framed mine in a premade 8" by 10" frame from Michaels.

Gloriana Silks: Cotswold Peony #272, Antique Black #211, Loden Green #299, Sage #150, Cotswold Pink #273, Cafe Au Lait #171, Hazelnut Dark #218, Old Red Barn #260, Thistle Green #216.

Weeks Dye Works: Camellia 2276, Kohl 3900, Ivy 2198, Kentucky Bluegrass 2152, Sophie's Pink 1138, Pebble 1151, Chestnut 1269, Brick 1331, Collards 1277.

DMC: 223, 310, 3022, 926,152,648,839,3721,3362.

Xaverie Hern Reproduction Sampler

This is a reproduction on an antique Spanish Sampler in my collection. The stitch count is 207 wide by 207 high. The pattern blocks at the bottom are so fun to stitch. Design areas on different count fabrics are

    28 count 14.78” square     32 count 13” square

36 count 11.5” square     40 count 10.35” square

I stitched mine on Ancient Ruin linen from Fox and Rabbit Designs. It is stitched one over two on 40 count linen. The model is stitched in Gloriana Silks and there is a DMC conversion.

Gloriana Silks:  Slate Green #051, Ecru #104, Slate Blue #124, Birch Brown #186, Pine Barrens #222, Brick #247, Tananger Green #374, Iguana Green #277.

DMC: 3362, Ecru, 3768, 869, 371, 918, 935, 3011.

The Green Pear Band Sampler

This is an adaptation from the Xaverie Hern antique sampler. I pulled a few of my favorite alphabets and borders from this Spanish Antique Sampler to make a slightly smaller band sampler. It is 80 wide by 194 high. The design sizes are

 28 count 5.7” by 13.85”                      32 count 5” by 12.12”

 36 count 4.4” by 10.8”                   40 count 4” by 9.7”

This is stitched on Steinbeck linen from Needle & Flax. It is stitched in the exact same threads that I used for Xaverie Hern. 

Gloriana Silks: Slate Green #051, Ecru #104, Slate Blue #124, Birch Brown #186, Pine Barrens #222, Brick #247, Tananger Green #374, Iguana Green #277.

DMC: 3362, Ecru, 3768, 869, 371, 918, 935, 3011.



Monday, March 21, 2022

All about Hannah

 It has been almost two years since I found Hannah's sampler. It has been a favorite of mine and many of you have loved it too.  Today we are talking all about Hannah Hetherington age 16.  When I was researching Hannah I found several Hannah Hetheringtons born in the early 1800s in England. All we know is that she was 16 years old when she stitched this beautiful sampler

Ricco helped me chart the sampler and choose the threads.  It's a good thing I have a big worktable because I always need a spot for him. He does move to his bed under the table after an hour or so of helping me work. Then he sleeps there the rest of the day.

The antique is 17.5" by 12.5" stitched over two threads on 28 count linen.  The reproduction is stitched on 36 count linen and measures 13.33" by 9.88".  It is actually framed in a premade 11" by 14" frame. The stitch count for the sampler is 240 by 178. 

There are three thread options that are interchangeable. Dinky Dyes, Gloriana Silks, and Weeks Dye Works cottons. The sampler is stitched with the Dinky Dyes, The Mini is stitched in the Weeks Dye Works threads and Hannah's Flowers is stitched in the Gloriana Silks.  Each of the palettes gives a little different feel to the stitched piece. Plus there is a direct DMC conversion for each of the three colorways. I stitched the sampler on Cocoa from Weeks Dye Works.  The two smaller pieces are stitched on Faun from Picture This Plus.

There are so many fun motifs on this sampler.  I pulled some of my favorites and made Hannah's Flowers. The stitch count is 285 wide by 70 high.

My favorite of the three is the row of flowers stitched in the Gloriana Silks.

If you've stitched Hannah please share on social media. #fromtheheartneedleart. 
 I love to see your stitching.

Friday, March 18, 2022

Rose Garden Review

The Rose Garden has been a favorite since it was first released in 2020. The antique is quite large at 18" wide by 13" high. It is stitched on about a 10 count Aida. It was stitched in the late 1800's as this is when Aida cloth was first available.
The reproduction is stitched on 36 count Winter Brew linen from R and R Reproductions. Stitched one over two with NPI Silk threads.  There is a DMC thread conversion also. The model is 10.72" by 8". On 40 count it would by 9.65" by 7.2". Of course if you visit Attic Needlework you can see a piece they have on display that is stitched on 56 count. It is beautifully tiny.
My favorite part of the design is the rosebud border. It was very fun to stitch. In the chart I have included the large center motif on a page by its self. So you have the full chart on four pages plus the additional page with the center. The center motif is harder to stitch if you have to keep changing pages.
I also designed a small needlebook from the Rose Garden motifs.
I added a sampler alphabet for the back cover of the needlebook.

 Thanks for stopping in for my Blog Sampler Tour.  

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Focus on Jobiena

This is Jobiena. The Antique is pictured in this first photo. It was stitched in 1841 by Jobiena Mortier when she was just eight or nine years old. I had so much fun researching her and finding out more about this young stitcher. Her full name was Jobiena Elisabeth Geertrui Mortier. Born on May 22, 1833 in Vlissingen, Netherlands. It is a harbor town that was the main harbor for ships of the Dutch East India Company. Her father was a shop keeper.  She married Jacobus Van Hoeve when she was 20. They had four sons and two daughters. She died in 1899 at the age of 66.

The reproduction is stitched on Bramble linen from Picture This Plus. It is a perfect match to the aged linen on the sampler. Any white based linen would work well for this sampler. You will need to be careful of how the lighter gray colors show up on your linen.

I love how the colors on the sampler start out very soft at the top and gradually she added more color as she got closer to the bottom.

This piece would be very easy to personalize. You could add names, dates, and places at the bottom taking as many lines as you need.

The stitch count is 155 wide by 144 high. On 40 count linen over two threads it is just 7.5" by 7.2"

I stitched the model in NPI silks. There is also a DMC conversion. There are no specialty stitches on this sampler.

This was such a fun sampler to reproduce and I enjoy having both the antique and the reproduction hanging on my sampler walls.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

D Freitag 1849 - All of the details

I wanted to devote a whole blog post to D Freitag and share all of the behind the scene details that you might find interesting.

 These first two close up photos are the first peeks I shared when I took it out of the frame.  Several stitchers commented that it looked like a Christmas sampler.

There is a binding sewn along the edges that goes right to the edge of the stitching.  After seeing how it was laced I didn't take it apart any further afraid I'd never get it put back together. Here are a few more photos.

This next photo is pretty accurate of the actual colors of the antique. The linen is really close to the WDW Cocoa. 
There are three thread versions given on the chart. Gloriana Silks, Classic Colorworks cottons, and DMC.  I stitched the sampler in the silks. I stitched the small wreath pillow on Vintage Country Mocha with the Classic Colorworks to show what that option looked like. The palettes are interchangeable, so you can pick which fabric you like and you can choose one of the three thread conversions.

The small pillow was a fun quick project. Well not super quick as there are lots of colors in it, but it is quicker to stitch than the full sampler. I have included a few different phrases you can use to stitch in the center. I have seen a few different ways stitchers have personalized their samplers. On the antique the name and date is made with turquoise seed beads. Which I guess you could do if you wanted to stay true to the antique. I opted to just use cross stitches.

I think my favorite part of this was the fun alphabets and the unique borders. But after all of that border and letter stitching the flower motifs at the bottom were very fun to stitch.

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about this fun sampler. I wish I could have found more information about the stitcher. There was just not enough information to do any research.

Friday, March 11, 2022

Monthly Mini Samplers

The Monthly Mini Samplers were originally published in 2017. 
They are still as popular today as they were then.  
I wanted to get on here and let you know that now they are even easier to get.  
You can still order them from your LNS,
 but now they are also available as PDFs in my Etsy shop:  CreatedfromtheHeart

The stitch count is just 31 by 73. 
The models are stitched 2 over 2 on 28 count Vintage Country Mocha from Zweigart. 
At 14 stitches per inch they finish at 2 1/4" wide by 5 1/4" high.

 Thanks for stopping by,


May Quaker

 The May Quaker was been shipped to Needlework shops the week before Nashville, and shops were also able to get May from my Distributor at the Nashville Market, so it should be available by now to order or pick up at your next shop visit. I have loved choosing the thread palettes for each of these charts.

I stitched 1 over 2 on Platinum linen from Zweigart. I used Pickled Beets, Camouflage, and Lemon Grass threads from Classic Colorworks. The DMC conversion threads are 3726, 520, and 320. 

For finishing I am putting them in a standard 5" by 7" frame from Hobby Lobby. This makes them easy to change out each month.

Each one of these charts is becoming my new favorite.