Thursday, March 17, 2022

Focus on Jobiena

This is Jobiena. The Antique is pictured in this first photo. It was stitched in 1841 by Jobiena Mortier when she was just eight or nine years old. I had so much fun researching her and finding out more about this young stitcher. Her full name was Jobiena Elisabeth Geertrui Mortier. Born on May 22, 1833 in Vlissingen, Netherlands. It is a harbor town that was the main harbor for ships of the Dutch East India Company. Her father was a shop keeper.  She married Jacobus Van Hoeve when she was 20. They had four sons and two daughters. She died in 1899 at the age of 66.

The reproduction is stitched on Bramble linen from Picture This Plus. It is a perfect match to the aged linen on the sampler. Any white based linen would work well for this sampler. You will need to be careful of how the lighter gray colors show up on your linen.

I love how the colors on the sampler start out very soft at the top and gradually she added more color as she got closer to the bottom.

This piece would be very easy to personalize. You could add names, dates, and places at the bottom taking as many lines as you need.

The stitch count is 155 wide by 144 high. On 40 count linen over two threads it is just 7.5" by 7.2"

I stitched the model in NPI silks. There is also a DMC conversion. There are no specialty stitches on this sampler.

This was such a fun sampler to reproduce and I enjoy having both the antique and the reproduction hanging on my sampler walls.

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