Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stitching on Linen ~

Since most, ok all of the designs I stitch are on linen fabric. I wanted to do a little tutorial on how to stitch on linen for those of you who are anxious to start stitching.

Usually I stitch on 28 count linen, which means there are 28 threads per inch. You stitch over two threads so you end up with 14 stitches per inch. For this count you usually use 2 ply of cotton or silk threads. I like to use a petite tapestry needle size 28. Experiment with needles to see what you are comfortable with.

It is easier to stitch on linen if you start along a vertical thread as shown by the green line. Bring your needle up next to the vertical thread at the green dot.  Then complete your stitch as shown in the diagram.  If all of your stitches start at the vertical thread, it is easier to count and you will quickly know when you are off.

Don't let the thought of stitching on linen scare you away from stitching your favorite charts. There are so many fun designs waiting for you.

Happy Stitching, Wendy