Saturday, January 18, 2020

From the Heart - Top Charts of 2019:

Here is a list of the top selling From the Heart charts from 2019. 
 First on the list was JULY SQUARED - part of the 2019 Monthly Squared Series

2. SWEET BABY  -  a simple baby sampler 

3. OCTOBER MINI SAMPLER - The Mini Sampler series is a fun one to stitch.  
There is also a simple border available so you can stitch all twelve charts in one piece.

4. FEBRUARY SQUARED - each of the Monthly Squares is finished on foam board and sized to fit in a Hobby Lobby frame. So easy to change out for each month.




8. HAPPY EASTER - This is a cute, quick stitch for spring.

9. WEDDING SAMPLER - This is easy to personalize with names and wedding colors.




I'm busy working on a fun new series of 9 charts. The first three will be released at the Nashville Needlework Market, along with two other brand new charts. I can't wait to share them with you, so be sure and check back for sneak peeks.

Happy Stitching, Wendy

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

DMC Conversions

If you're a stitcher you probably have your favorite floss to stitch with. There are so many beautiful threads available now. Some of the ones I stitch with are: Weeks Dye Works, Sampler Threads by The Gentle Art, Classic Colorworks, Valdani, and Silk ' N Colors from The Thread Gatherer. I love the hand overdyed look and what that adds to a finished piece. As a designer we have to make a choice to stitch the model in. I list this in the  chart and I always add a DMC conversion that you can follow to stitch in, or use it as an aid in selecting other overdyed threads you might have in your stash. I wanted to share a little bit about how I choose the DMC conversion.
This is my DMC box. I usually don't stitch with these, so I have a full set of DMC to choose from.
These are the Classic Colorworks threads I stitched on a soon to be released chart.
 Instead of going to a random chart on the internet, I lay them out on the table and choose the DMC colors that match the best. Part of this is seeing how well they all look together.  I want them to blend together as well as the floss I stitched the model in.

Sometimes I am really tempted to add a silk conversion to the regular overdyed floss, and DMC, I use because stitching with silks threads on linen is my very favorite.

What are your favorite threads to stitch with? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Stitching, Wendy

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Mini Samplers

Last week I did a little review of all my monthly and seasonal design charts. This week I want to share another option for stitching the Mini Samplers.

Instead of stitching them individually you can stitch them all into one larger piece. Using this simple border around each month will join them together. Just pick a darker color of thread to use for the whole border.
 Happy Stitching, Wendy

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Looking for a new series?

Most stitchers I know are making their stitching plans for the new year.  A favorite of many of them are charts that are in a series, either monthly or seasonal.  I wanted to share some of my charts that would be fun additions to stitching plans this year.

First there is the Mini Sampler Series.  This is a full set of 12 cute little samplers that can be finished as smalls, or individually to pop in and out of a frame.   Link to see the full series.

Then there is the Floral Postcard Series. This series of 12 charts add a classic touch to your stitchery display. See more of this series here.

And this is last years series.  They are about four inches square and designed to be displayed in a five in a five inch square frame.  They can be changed out monthly for a cute addition to your decor.  Link to see the whole series here.

This next seasonal series is a fun one.  It depicts the same little season through all four seasons.  Each chart includes charts for two little smalls that make great scissor fobs or bowl fillers.

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