Thursday, February 18, 2021

Spring 2021 Releases

I always look forward to spring. In Idaho sometimes our winters last longer than they should, but there is always the hope of spring. I will put out spring decorations even though there are still large drifts of snow in the yard. Even though winter seems to last forever here I've been busy stitching for spring and summer releases. The Needlework Expo is the first weekend of March and I'm so excited to share these new releases. Contact your favorite LNS to get on their preorder list.

Mini Celebrations Series

The first two in this series are ready to release. Mini Spring and Mini Birthday.  The stitch count for both of them is 48 wide by 80 high.  I stitched the models on 36 count so they will fit in a premade 4" by 6" frame. I've listed the sizes on different counts of linen below.

28 count  - 3.4” by 5.7”           

32 count  - 3” by 5”          

36 count  - 2.6” by 4.4”           

40 count  - 2.4” by 4”

Mini Spring 

This is stitched on 36 count Vintage Country Mocha linen. 

I used Gentle Art Sampler Threads: Bittersweet 0570, Blue Jay 0210, Berry Cobbler 7011, Carriage Black 7095, Cidermill Brown 7007, Lemon Drops 0650, Mistletoe 0570, Pink Azalea 0710.

There is a complete DMC conversion included on the chart.

Mini Birthday

The model is stitched 1 over 2 on 36 count Bramble linen from Picture This Plus.

I used hand dyed threads from Classic Colorworks: Deep Sea Blue, Sugared Violets, Onion Skin, Crushed Pineapple, Sea Shelley, Eve’s Leaves, Caterpillar


Welcome Spring Sampler

The stitch count is 81 wide by 117 high.

28 count  - 5.78” by 8.35”     

32 count  - 5” by 7.31”     

36 count  - 4.5” by 6.5”          

40 count  - 4” by 5.85”

 I have included a chart for a pinkeep or small pillow. Stitch count for this is 46 wide by 55

 The model is stitched 1 over 2 on 36 count Vellum from Picture This Plus

 I used hand dyed threads from Weeks Dye Works:  Cherub 1134, Sockeye 2249, Banana Pudding 1112, Driftwood 1222, Scuppernong 2196, Jay Bird 2110

 The finished stitched piece will fit in a premade 5" by 7" frame if you stitch on 36 or 40 count fabric.


Freedom Quaker

The stitch count is 81 wide by 117 high,

Fabric:  The model is stitched 1 over 2 on 40 count Confederate Gray linen from Weeks Dye Works.

 I stitched with Hand Dyed Threads from Classic Colorworks: Cocoa Bean, Blacksmith Blue, Cherry Cobbler, Eggshell, Honeycomb, English Ivy


Jobiena 1841

 I found this antique sampler last summer and instantly loved it. The colors start very soft at the top with an almost ghost alphabet. As she stitched her sampler, Jobiena added small bits of color increasing the intensity until she reached the bottom with cherry reds, green and dark gray. This isn't a huge sampler and will fit perfectly in a small spot on your sampler wall. I found quite a bit of information about the stitcher and included this in the chart.

The stitch count is 151 wide by 144 high

28 count: 10.8” by 10.3”         

32 count: 9.4” by 9”         

36 count: 8.4” by 8”         

40 count: 7.5” by 7.2”

This was stitched on 36 count Bramble from Picture This Plus. 1 over 2, with Needlepoint Inc. Silks.

NPI              DMC

755             3721

614             931

671             168

672             169

753             152

182             841

674             413

332             732

There are no specialty stitches on this sampler.               


Catherine Jessie White 1891

This is another antique I've been working on this winter. It is slightly newer than Jobiena. But she had access to dyed threads. The brown of the border and the pink she used have lovely variations of color. So I took her color cues and stitched the model in hand dyed silks. The thing that stands out in this sampler is the bright colors she choose.

I had so much fun researching Catherine. I found great information about her and her family. I even found her connection to the Rose Hill House in Sittingbourne, Kent, England. I've been in contact with the Historical Research Group of Sittingbourne. They were thrilled to add more to her story and plan on featuring Catherine and her sampler in their April newsletter. More details are included in the chart.

The stitch count is 253 wide by 178 high

28 count: 18” by 12.7”       

32 count: 15.8” by 11.1”         

36 count: 14” by 9.8”     

40 count: 12.6” by 8.9”                                                                                                                

The model was stitched on 40 count Beach Brew from R and R Reproductions. 1 over 2

The model was stitched with Silk ’N Colors from The Thread Gatherer.

Glowing Embers SNC 292, Rose Briar SNC 142, Dried Thyme SNC 156, Lizard Back SNC 338, Slug Bug SNC 260, Idaho Storm SNC 1038, Cherry Field SNC 1055, Whippoorwill Lane SNC 146

A full DMC conversion is included. There are no specialty stitches on this sampler.  When stitched on 40 count fabric, this will fit in an 11" by 14" frame. The chart includes personal information about Catherine.