Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Christmas Ornaments

This little collection of cross stitch ornaments are ones I’ve designed for the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament magazine these past few years. There is one missing, but I’m sure I’ll  find it when we put up our tree and pull out all of the stitched ornaments. 

It’s fun to be invited to submit an ornament each year.  I have the 2020 ornament all stitched. But no peeks before the issue is released next fall.
Do you decorate for the holidays with hand stitched decorations?   I love pulling out my hand stitched treasures and decorating the tree. I arrange larger pieces that I finished into pillows around the bottom. One side benefit is that stitched ornaments don’t break when naughty kitties try to rearrange the tree.

Happy Stitching,  Wendy